Project Phases


At the future working environment projects is a mean to bring a change either by improving a product or service or even better create a new one. Luckily, there are many methodologies to choose from depending on the country and the sector you work for. PMBOK(USA), PRINCE2(UK), PM2 Alliance (EU) are some of the methodologies which are based either on Waterfall or Phase Gates approach.

Whatever method a manager chooses to follow, the requirements should be captured, steps should be documented, the resources must be assigned, the costs for materials and labour and even management reserves should be planned and optimised.  

Actual work at project execution should be monitored and based on variance, control should be exercised and reports to stakeholders should be communicated.

Fortunately, Microsoft launched Microsoft Project to help you manage all these processes.

We can save you time and show how to use the tool effectively. Not by teaching you what the menu buttons are doing. Learn by application to a real-life project